At Advanced Dentistry, we believe in providing the highest level of care. We believe a large part of providing high caliber care to our patients is a thorough diagnosis. We cannot plan a course of treatment without first investigating all of the factors causing the need for treatment. We do that by performing a thorough and comprehensive examination. Stay one step ahead of dental problems and get dental examination in Royal Oak, MI with Advanced Dentistry Center.

Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive exam allows your doctors at Advanced Dentistry Center to evaluate and make a thorough diagnosis in relation to your dental needs. This exam involves:

  • Establishing dental care goals

  • A review of patient and family medical history

  • A review of patient and family dental history

  • A full set of digital X-rays

  • Pictures of the teeth, mouth, and smile

  • An intra- and extra-oral examination

  • Study models when needed

  • A wellness assessment

Second Opinion

A second opinion about a diagnosis can be crucial to understand your dentists’ treatment recommendations. At Advanced Dentistry Center, our doctors offer a second opinion for the following: