Mission Statement

At Advanced Dentistry Center, we seek to bring world-class care home to

our patients by continuing to challenge ourselves to grow.

We believe in ethical accountability, taking ownership of our actions.

We seek to expand and apply our knowledge and work as a team to support each other.

We believe proactive leadership means offering our best to create positive change.

How We Provide World Class Service:

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Ethical Accountability

We take ownership of our actions.

We use our strong moral standards to guide decisions.

We learn from our mistakes.

Offer our Best

We always strive to be at the top of our game.

Only our best is good enough for our patients and ourselves.

This is how we honor the trust others give us.

Proactive Leadership

We make things happen.

We take the lead.

We are proactive rather than reactive.

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Work Cooperatively

We work well with others to accomplish shared goals.

We look for opportunities to support each other.

We understand when to lead and when to support others.

Expand and Apply Knowledge

We seek to expand our knowledge and insights.

We are willing to reflect on our inner development.

We are lifelong learners

Creating Positive Change

Making a positive change in the lives of others makes our lives worthwhile.

This is who we are.

This is why we are here.