Core Buildup and Crown

When there is not enough tooth structure remaining in a tooth after trauma, decay or a root canal procedure, then a core buildup and crown will be utilized to restore the tooth to full form and function. A crown buildup is composed of a bonded composite and sometimes on a small post to add additional strength to the tooth. If a crown is placed on an unstable tooth foundation you will have a higher risk of having that crown fail. When the tooth has lost significant structure then a buildup is necessary in order to provide proper support of the new crown and to bring the tooth back to full function.

What to Expect


Visit #1

  • The tooth and surrounding area is numbed

  • Decay and old restorations are removed

  • The tooth is re-shaped so that a crown can fit

  • We pick the shade (color) of the crown

  • We take a digital impression of the tooth and sent it to the laboratory

  • A temporary crown is made and placed on the tooth


Crown Preparation

Visit #2

  • The temporary crown is removed

  • The permanent crown is tried in

  • An X-ray is taken to confirm the fit or margins of the crown.

  • The dentist cements the crown