At Advanced Dentistry Center we believe in world class care, which starts with the prevention and treatment of oral disease. We now know there are many factors that contribute to the presence and the severity of periodontitis. We also know that are treatments for periodontal disease. To discover the level of health in your mouth and determine which cleaning is right for you, we offer a free and painless wellness assessment. We do not guess about our patients health.

What to expect at your wellness visit:

  • Review of patient and family medical and dental history

  • Examination of digital dental X-rays

  • Measure vitals, such as blood pressure

  • Perform a comprehensive oral exam

  • Take periodontal measurements

  • Test a plaque sample for the presence of destructive bacteria

  • Test systemic blood sugar and inflammation

  • Measure the levels of the 11 most destructive bacteria in the mouth

  • Test for genetic pre-disposition for gum disease

Dr. Mati will then study your case and discuss his recommendations at the next visit, which we call a review of findings appointment.