We understand the uncertain feelings and challenges of choosing a new dentist and dental team. We welcome you and want you to know the types of care we offer and why. The following are our core beliefs:

  • You have the right to choose your level of health

  • We want to serve those who wish a higher sense of self-esteem and wellbeing by enhancing their appearance, comfort and ability to sustain health.

  • We want to help you become as healthy as YOU choose.  We will not tell you how healthy you should be, rather we will help you understand your dental health choices so you can make informed decisions regarding your health and treatment needs.

Not everyone wants the same level of care and that level of care can change with time.  Please consider the following four levels of care so we can design your care around what YOU want.

Level One: Urgent Care

People in crisis due to an emergency or accident and need immediate help. We offer immediate emergency care if possible.  Even though this is not the primary focus of our practice, we are ready and willing to help with urgent problems.  We are happy to care for emergencies, but do not maintain patients in a long term emergency or crisis-only status.

Level 2 Remedial Care

Patients choosing this care level want treatment only when something breaks or becomes uncomfortable.  Generally, this level prefers short term, cursory type examinations that screen for more obvious advanced problems.  These folks are not ready for either thorough or preventive treatment and want to correct immediate problems with as little effort or cost as possible. Their thinking is, “let’s do as little today as possible and let tomorrow take care of itself.”

Level 3 Maintenance Care

People choose this level of care when they want to take an active part in the prevention of present AND longer term future problems but repairs existing issues with a short term plan. They often choose a 2-5 year reparative or corrective treatment(s) knowing the treatment performed today will need to be repeated again in the near future.  This level of care, while dedicated to preventing future problems, takes care of today’s needs in less than an optimum manner.

Level 4 Optimum Care

Patients choosing optimum care are similar to those choosing Level 3 except they want a comprehensive examination with long term master planning. Their goal is to plan for health AND repair so they are less likely to be “surprised” with problems down the road.  They are ready to start treatment, desiring a future based on choice, not chance.  These patients are concerned about the cause of disease and want their treatment completed so it lasts.