While tooth loss is usually associated with old age, many young Americans experience it. According to recent statistics, approximately 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth because of a medical condition, injury, or other reasons.

Missing teeth—or even a single missing tooth—can cause several problems. It’s recommended you get dental implants for tooth replacement. Here’s why.

Improved Appearance

Let’s be honest; nobody enjoys having a missing tooth. It can shatter your self-confidence and make you extremely self-conscious about your appearance, especially if the missing tooth is easily noticeable. Many individuals also refrain from smiling naturally to avoid drawing attention.

The structural changes caused by missing teeth can also add years to a person’s age. If you’ve lost more than one tooth, the lower third of your face will likely undergo structural changes, affecting your facial features. As a result, it may affect your smile.

A tooth replacement procedure can help you overcome this issue. It can restore your natural appearance, improving your confidence in the process. No more avoiding social situations, being mistaken to be older, and holding in your smile!

Enhanced Functionality

A missing tooth is more than just an aesthetic issue. It can also cause dental problems and affect your mouth’s functionality.

A missing tooth can affect your speech and food intake. You may notice slurred speech or have to deal with food getting stuck in the empty space. The latter can lead to infections and bad breath. It can also limit the types of foods you consume.

Moreover, it can lead to bite problems or joint disorders because the remaining teeth lose the support they had from the missing tooth and are no longer braced in place. This can weaken the jawbone and impact teeth stability. By getting a tooth replacement procedure, you can prevent these issues.

3D models of teeth

Better Oral Health

Finally, tooth replacement restores oral health. It addresses the structural changes caused by a missing tooth before they escalate, preventing the need for excessive dental treatments. For instance, tooth replacement prevents bone loss, cavities, and overall oral health deterioration.

The sooner you get the procedure done, the less likely you will develop dental issues caused by missing teeth. This also means you’re less likely to require complicated and expensive dental treatments for issues caused by missing teeth.

At Advanced Dentistry Center, we use dental implants to replace missing teeth. You can opt for single-tooth implants, multiple-tooth implants, or full arch reconstruction, according to your needs.  We also offer several other dental procedures, including root canal treatment, dental fillings, and oral surgery.

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