Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy is the latest advancement in Periodontal Infection Removal. The laser beam produced at a specific wavelength destroys bacteria and the diseased tissue from periodontal pockets. Its precision allows removal of the diseased tissue only. This may lead to less post-operative discomfort and quicker recovery.

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT) doesn’t involve cutting away the bone or gums as in traditional treatment. The laser features a unique combination of laser energy and water to ensure a precise treatment that not only minimizes pain but also conserves healthy tissue. The device functions accurately, leaving the healthy gum tissues undamaged and intact. Discover the benefits of LAPT in this blog post.

Little or No Pain

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy is a more comfortable procedure as compared to traditional periodontal disease treatments. Since no cutting is required, there’s no need for general anesthesia to get through the procedure. Moreover, there’s much less pain, swelling, and bleeding as the treatment is less invasive than other options.


The use of lasers and other accurate tools during the process enables precision. It helps dentists to easily target the infected areas while avoiding healthy tissues. As a result, you can experience a safer and less painful procedure.

Quick Recovery

Since the process is minimally invasive and involves laser precision, you will experience a faster and more natural regrowth of the gum tissue. As the laser moves through the diseased tissue, it sterilizes it to promote healing and inhibit infection or reinfection of the periodontal disease.

Fewer Appointments

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy takes fewer visits as compared to the traditional surgical treatment. It takes approximately 2-hour visits to the clinic and two follow-up appointments. On the other hand, a traditional surgery requires four sessions of one hour each, with consequent visits for additional checkups and suture removal.

Moreover, patients don’t even need to get off their previous medication (for example, aspirin used for blood thinning) to receive treatment.

No Need for Drilling

The laser treatment replaces the need to drill in a periodontal treatment by doing the same work without vibration, pressure, and heat of dental drilling. Laser treatment is simply quicker and more accurate.

X-Ray helps determine the kind of dental treatment you need

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