Are you embarrassed about your damaged teeth? Your dentist might suggest getting dental crowns to cover them. Dental crowns are tooth-colored prosthetics used to cap a damaged tooth. Once a dental crown is positioned, it can strengthen the tooth, improving the overall appearance.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about dental crowns.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

A dental crown is used to cap or cover a compromised tooth. Other than straightening a crooked, damaged tooth, dental crowns can enhance its appearance, alignment, or shape.

Dental crowns can also be positioned on a dental implant to offer tooth-like support to serve its purpose. Usually, dental crowns are made from acrylic, gold, ceramic, metal alloys, porcelain, etc. Mostly, ceramic and porcelain dental crowns are used as they match the natural teeth’s color.

However, alloys are firmer than other materials and are often used for the teeth in the back.

Why Would You Need Dental Crowns?

Individuals may need dental crowns for various reasons, including:

  • To safeguard a weak tooth
  • To enhance the appearance of a discolored tooth
  • To cap a decayed or damaged tooth
  • To protect a chipped tooth
  • For cosmetic improvement
  • To cap a dental implant
  • To fortify a filled tooth
  • Post root canal protection
  • To secure a dental bridge

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns can last quite long as they’re highly durable, but sometimes, they loosen up and fall out. Practicing good oral hygiene is an effective way to ensure your dental crown’s durability.

So, ensure you brush and floss your teeth regularly. Remember to visit your dentist for regular dental checkups to ensure your dental crowns are in place. If you want to keep your dental crown damage-free, be mindful of what you eat.

What Can You Expect When Getting a Dental Crown?

Generally, you’ll need to visit your dentist twice for dental crowns. On the first visit, your dentist will go over the basics; they’ll discuss your options and the pros and cons of each dental crown option, so you can make the right choice. Your dentist will also:

  • Make room for the dental crown by trimming your tooth.
  • Ask you to bite down into the impression paste to get the crown impression and send it to the lab to prepare your dental crown.
  • Next, they’ll insert a temporary crown until your new crown is prepared.

On your next visit, your dentist will replace the temporary crown with a permanent one. They’ll ensure it’s secured before cementing it. Sometimes, if required, the dentist may build up your tooth before fitting the dental crown.

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