Wisdom teeth may not be as painful as a root canal treatment, but they come close. These sets of up to four are called third molars and are the last to materialize. After we stop growing, these molars move up our jaw until they finally emerge, usually by 25, but they can also emerge after.

Book a dental examination at Advanced Dentistry Center if you suspect a wisdom tooth. In the meantime, follow these pain management techniques.

Rinse with Warm Salt Water

Warm salt water is a highly recommended pain remedy at our dentistry in Bingham Farms. A recent study suggests that rinsing the affected area with warm salt water can prevent the harmful effects of wisdom teeth by keeping them clean.

When you don’t let bacteria persist near the gums, you’re less likely to experience cysts and inflammation or hurt your teeth. These conditions can exacerbate the pain and lead to more dental procedures, so it’s best to rinse your mouth with salt water.

Apply and Rinse with Peppermint

While peppermint isn’t a proven pain remedy, it doesn’t have any side effects. Since it has menthol, a cooling agent, you can try applying peppermint extract to the affected area.

If this works and the gums feel much cooler, use a peppermint tea solution as a mouth rinse. If it worked once, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work again.

Someone Pouring a Little Bit of Peppermint Oil on their Finger to Apply to their Gums Before Oral Surgery

Try Cold/Hot Solutions

Inflammation and swelling due to wisdom teeth are harmless but painful. You can treat them to lessen your pain. Apply something cold like an ice pack or a frozen bag of peas to your cheek. The cold may not bring down the swelling, but it’ll at least numb your pain.

You can also treat your swollen cheek with gentle heat to stimulate blood flow and alleviate the symptoms. However, this might hurt more during the application, so pick between hot or cold wisely.

Take Over-the-Counter Painkillers

If natural methods don’t work, you can try over-the-counter interventions to relieve the pain. You don’t require a prescription to buy nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Just pop one to alleviate your pain. You can also ask your dentist to prescribe something stronger to help with the pain until your scheduled procedure.

Apply a Numbing Cream

Skin-numbing creams are sold with and without a prescription. They are a surefire way to provide temporary relief to your affected area. However, leaving them as a last resort is better since they also block your nerve signals.

Administer the numbing cream as a short-term pain relief solution. If you haven’t booked a dental examination in Bingham Farms, do so immediately. You don’t want to use the cream for longer than you should.

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