Dentures are a tried and tested method for people whose teeth fall off due to old age or are broken in an accident. However, they just don’t feel like real teeth. An alternative to conventional dentures is dental implants, and they’re highly popular among those that find the feeling of dentures in their mouth as unnatural.

Dental implants have a way of looking and feeling like real teeth. Find out how.

Why They Feel So Real

When natural teeth are grown in, they create a root system in the jawbone to support a person’s bite and chew. With dental implants, this natural tooth root can be maintained forever.

The titanium implant post is the part of a dental implant that’s inserted into the jawbone. It’s a tiny recess that’s made of titanium. The abutment part fits over the implant post and connects the dental restoration to the abutment.

Due to the intricate nature of the implants and how they’re fitted into your mouth, they can replicate the same feel that your real teeth did.

Why They Look So Real

Your dental implants are going to look great when they’re matched to your existing teeth because they’re made of porcelain, a high-quality and highly durable material that can accurately replicate the shine and movement of real teeth.

However, it’s not just about the material being used. Dental implants are fitted in a way that they don’t show the same tells that dentures give. They’re firmly fixed from the inside of your gums and have similar internal engineering as real teeth.

As long as you have a great dentist to perform the procedure, you can rest assured that you won’t have anyone noticing that you got dental implants anytime soon.

 A doctor preparing for a dental implants operation

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants can provide many benefits to the patient, many that dentures simply can’t replicate. You can chew much more efficiently with implants than with dentures and can get through fibrous meat very easily. They’ll stay in place as well, and you won’t have to adjust them every once in a while as removable dentures demand.

As long as you make sure you take care of your dental implants and regularly get them checked by your dentist, they can last you for decades to come.

Get Quality Dental Implants Installed With Advanced Dentistry Center

If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you can rest assured knowing that the implant solution is the best way for you to get your dazzling smile that is not just aesthetic but highly functional too. If you’re looking for a qualified board-certified implantalogist to perform the procedure, there’s no better smile-makeover clinician in Bingham Farms, Michigan, than Dr. Suhail Mati at Advanced Dentistry Center.

Dr. Mati and Dr. Banno are highly experienced professionals in the field of cosmetic dentistry that can help you get your dazzling smile back, whether from teeth whitening to restoring teeth or replacing them, or to reestablish the great oral habits of prevention in order to achieve optimal oral health and general well-being for a lifetime. Contact us today to book an appointment.