Tooth loss during adulthood can be debilitating. It’s one thing to lose baby teeth growing up and spend a few weeks with missing teeth, and another to lose them due to an illness, injury, or an unusual circumstance. And yet, around 120 million Americans reportedly live with at least one missing tooth, and we’re not talking about age-related causes!

The good news is that you can easily get dental implants for your missing tooth. However, it’s best to know if you’re at risk of tooth loss so you can take preventive measures to avoid this outcome. Here are a few common reasons for tooth loss.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Skipping brushing your teeth at night or flossing irregularly may not seem like such a big deal, but trust us, it is. No, your teeth wouldn’t fall out if you didn’t brush your teeth one day, but consistently poor oral hygiene will set you up for serious tooth decay. Not taking good care of your teeth will enable plaque formation and cavities, resulting in the erosion of enamel. You may suddenly notice a loosened tooth one day, indicating impending tooth loss.

Poor oral hygiene can also lead to gingivitis, a condition of the gums. This can deteriorate the jawbone, affecting its ability to support your teeth and leading to tooth loss.

Excessive Smoking & Drinking

It’s no secret that consuming tobacco negatively impacts oral health. Smoking regularly can stain your teeth, lead to plaque formation, and result in periodontal disease. Moreover, frequent smoking also weakens your immunity. As a result, your body cannot adequately fight the bacteria deteriorating your teeth and gum tissues, elevating your chances of experiencing tooth loss.

Similarly, consuming alcoholic beverages too often can also lead to tooth decay. It’s fine to have a few drinks every now and then, but if you drink daily, you’re not doing your gums and teeth any favors.

Additionally, sugary and caffeinated foods can also increase your risk of tooth loss.

a man with a full set of teeth

Health Issues

Tooth loss is also closely associated with health issues such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. According to research, uncontrolled diabetes negatively affects oral health. It can lead to mouth dryness, preventing the plaque from being naturally washed away by saliva. It also slows the healing process and can exacerbate dental conditions.

Moreover, studies have also found that individuals who frequently experience high blood pressure are likely to experience gum disease. While more research is required for definitive claims, people with hypertension are at a higher risk of tooth loss.

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