Do you know you should have a dentist’s appointment at least once every six months? The dentists will examine your teeth and recommend additional treatment in case of damage or other oral problems. Orthodontists are specialist dentists responsible for fixing jaw and bite irregularities. It’s essential to see an orthodontist to prevent serious complications and teeth alignment issues.

Advanced Dentistry Center is an oral care facility in Royal Oak and Bingham Farms. We have a team of experienced orthodontists and other specialists who carry out a thorough dental examination and conduct treatments like oral surgery, root canal treatment, TMJ treatment, and other dental procedures to give you a perfect smile and happy teeth. Continue reading to learn when you should schedule an orthodontist appointment.

An orthodontist checking misaligned teeth

Schedule An Orthodontist Appointment For Teeth Straightening

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? It’s not only troublesome but also affects your smile. Research states that dental problems like crooked teeth or tooth decay have serious implications on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. An orthodontist may recommend getting braces during the appointment. There are various types of braces to the patient’s personal and lifestyle preferences.

For Treating Overcrowded Teeth

Some people have many teeth that cause overcrowding. It can also cause gum issues and other dental issues, as overcrowded teeth are difficult to clean. Patients may require tooth extraction followed by braces to fix the teeth’ structure.

To Reduce Gaps

Some people have natural spaces between their teeth. Conversely, others don’t have dentures for missing molars. Gaps between the teeth may widen with time and lead to tooth decay or cavity problems as it’s easy for bacteria to accumulate in open spaces. Hence, it’s essential to schedule an orthodontist appointment immediately to treat gaps between the teeth.

Orthodontists Fix Bite Issues

Malocclusion, also referred to as a misaligned bite, is very common in adults. Bite problems include open bite, overbite, crossbite, and underbite. They can cause various problems like headaches, clenching, speech issues, and grinding. Moreover, bite issues can also alter a person’s facial structure. Do your lower teeth rest on the upper teeth when you close your mouth? If your answer is yes, then you should schedule an orthodontist appointment to fix the bite issues.

Get An Appointment With Skilled Orthodontists At Advanced Dentistry Center

Don’t let dental problems dampen your smile! Visit our clinic in Royal Oak and Bingham Farms to get in touch with the top orthodontists. Whether you need braces or space maintainers, our team will ensure that you have a comfortable, fast, and efficient treatment. We also provide removable aligners so that it’s easy for our patients to brush or floss. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment with our orthodontists.