“How long should I wait in between dentist appointments?” This is a common question asked by many patients. Make sure to see your dentist at least once in six months, as it will prevent the risk of developing various oral diseases. However, you should visit your dentist more frequently instead of waiting for six months if you have severe dental issues like gum disease, gingivitis, or other oral conditions.

Advanced Dentistry Center is an oral healthcare facility in Bingham Farms and Royal Oak. Our skilled dentists improve patients’ oral health through various treatments, including dental implants, TMJ treatment, root canal treatment, oral surgery, and many more. We conduct a thorough dental examination of the oral cavity to prescribe the right treatment and ensure the best results. Continue reading to learn all about scheduling a dentist’s appointment.

Schedule a Dentist Appointment Based On Your Dental Requirements And Issues

Appointment duration depends on the dental services required by the patient. Most dental appointments in America last at least fifty-two minutes. Patients may visit a general dentist for the following issues:

  • Flossing and cleaning teeth by hygienists
  • To get x-rays of the dental structure
  • To evaluate oral health

Some dental appointments take very little time. However, some patients prefer longer dentist appointments to discuss their oral health. Many clinics offer various dental checks, like oral cancer screening.

Appointment Time Depends On Your Dentist

Appointment duration also depends on the type of dentist you are visiting. Specialists like orthodontists and periodontics take lesser time than other dentists. A survey by the American Dental Association states that specialist dental appointments take an average of forty-four minutes. Whereas, patients spend ten minutes less at a general dentist appointment.

A patient consulting a general dentist

How Long Should I Wait Before Scheduling Another Dentist Appointment?

No one enjoys spending time in a waiting room. Hence, it’s recommended to make an early dentist appointment so that you don’t have to wait longer. However, you should expect a little bit of waiting time in case there are some complications with the patient preceding you.

Make sure to wait at least six to seven days before scheduling another dentist appointment. However, be sure to contact your dentist immediately in case of an emergency like severe pain, broken tooth, or other dental issues.

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