Restorative dentistry refers to the process of replacing missing or damaged teeth through either fillings, crowns, or implants. This procedure aims to bring your smile back to its natural state after a chipped or broken tooth.

Restorative dentistry can be highly beneficial, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. It can help you fill empty spaces in the mouth and align teeth. Properly aligned teeth can help prevent the buildup of plaque or tar in the gums, thereby ensuring that your teeth are properly cleaned. Replacing missing teeth may positively affect your self-confidence; restorative dentistry can help you get the perfect dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.

Dentists nowadays use multiple methods that fall under restorative dentistry. Find out the most popular ones below.


When a tooth does not have enough structure left after a root canal procedure or trauma, a crown or core buildup is used to restore its function. A crown buildup is made up of a combination of resin and a bonded composite material and is usually placed on a tooth foundation to provide additional strength.

A buildup is an important step in the restoration process as it helps support the new crown and brings the tooth back to its original shape.

A dentist examining an x-ray for a restorative dentistry patient


When a cavity has been left untreated, root canal treatment is required to prevent infection and abscess. This procedure is usually performed when a tooth has a large cavity. This abscess is usually painful and needs to be removed with Endodontics services at Advanced Dentistry Center.

If tooth decay has reached the nerve, a root canal may be necessary. This procedure involves removing the infected root and filling the canal.


Composite fillings are made to look invisible to the naked eye. They are bonded to the teeth and are designed to match the color of their natural surface. Usually, a metal filling lasts for about 15 years. However, due to various factors, such as age and gum disease, this longevity can vary.

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Restorative dentistry is a great way to repair or replace damaged teeth, with modern medicine providing a multitude of options for patients to choose from depending on their preferences, budget, or needs.

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